Free and open-source automatic film development machine.

OpenAutoLab is an attempt at making a cheap and simple film developing machine. Inspired by Jobo Autolab, but cheaper, more repairable and open source. Agitation is done by periodically moving fully submerged film, not rotating the drum constantly, so it is also more flexible, as it supports black-and-white processes.

  • Parts contains information about all used electronic and mechanical components.
  • Build Instructions explains how to build the machine from scratch.
    • Main Board concentrates on main board schematics and PCB layouts.
    • Arduino Code contains build instructions for the source code of the controller of the machine.
  • Usage Instructions explains how to use the finished machine.
  • Web Updater allows firmware upgrades on the main board.

This site is automatically generated from OpenAutoLab Github repository.

This is still work in progress, so some information may be missing or unclear. Feel free to ask questions via email