Web Flashing Utility

Use this page to upgrade the Firmware on the OpenAutoLab Main Board to the latest release or dev build from the OpenAutoLab GitHub Repo.

Download from GitHub:

Upload to Hardware:

Status Log:



  1. In the Download box, keep the pre-selected Releases channel.

  2. Press the Fetch Versions button.

  3. If in doubt, use the pre-selected latest Version that appeared.

  4. Press the Download Firmware button. This will start a download in your browser.

  5. In the Upload box, press the Choose File button.

  6. Select the file you just downloaded in the previous steps.

  7. Press the Upload Firmware button. This will start the flashing process.

  8. Wait until you either see a success message or an error indication in the status log.


Make sure you use a WebSerial compatible browser like Chromium, Chrome or Edge.

Connect the Arduino Nano on the OpenAutoLab mainboard to your PC using a USB cable.

This should work on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows >= 10.

The Releases downloads should always work. For the development Builds downloads you need to be logged-in to GitHub and they can not be too far in the past.